We help moms 35+  recover after giving birth to move freely again, return to exercising and intimacy, and reduce leaking without depending pads, pain meds or surgery...  

People Who We Help Include...

Recent mothers, whose goal is to get back their PRE-BABY BODY to avoid injury while returning to exercises, leaking urine, and return to intimacy without pain. 

Active women, who want to STAY ACTIVE while avoiding injury for life-long health and wellness.

Health Conscious Men and Women, who VALUE their health above all else, who take supplements and vitamins, eat clean, and avoid prescription medications to manage health.

Female athletes, that want to continue training and competing WITHOUT LIMITATIONS of “resting” or surgery, to have a higher quality of life and healthy lifestyle, and no leaking while lifting heavy or running.

Active Grandparents, who know it is more ENJOYABLE playing with the grandchildren with less pain and free of stiffness.

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Jennifer McGowan, PT, DPT, OCS

Founder of ReGenerate Physiotherapy

At ReGenerate Physiotherapy we help active women and moms in their 30s, 40s, and 50s  recover quickly after giving birth to move freely again, return to exercising and intimacy, reduce leaking, and enjoying life without depending on pain medication or surgery. 

My interest in women's health physical therapy started after giving birth to my first daughter in 2011, I wasn't able to perform workouts without increasing my left hip pain, and after 3 births over the past 5 years with twins in the mix, I couldn't get rid of the mommy tummy (bulge) which was contributing to flare ups in neck and low back pain, as well as leaking urine while working out. Life as a mom of 4 and working outside of the home, it was essential for me to get back in shape without pain keeping me up at night. With the extensive training in pelvic floor physical therapy, and treatment from a pelvic floor physical therapist, I was successful in returning to all the activities prior to pregnancies and I want every mom to have these tools. 

Too often we are left on our own after our 6 week postpartum visit, then what do we do?? Our bodies have changed and we need to learn how to function again with our new form and enjoy exercising without leaking and intimacy without pain.

I started my career working with orthopedic injuries and really enjoy working with athletes. I was a collegiate track athlete, well attempted, but with continued ankle injuries was not able to continue after two years. My interest in physical therapy was solidified after these injuries. I have had extensive training in manual therapy and have worked in many different outpatient clinics where I would treat multiple patients at the same time, only dedicating 15 minutes of treatment prior to sending the patient in the gym to do exercises.


Due to this type of set up, I was finding myself treating patients TWICE as long as needed, and it just wasn't the quality care I felt was needed for each patient. 

I started ReGenerate Physiotherapy because I was frustrated with this treatment model. I believed I could be more effective and impact the patient's healing if I were able to dedicate a full hour, one-on-one and avoid all the distractions of seeing multiple patients at once. 


I graduated with a B.S. in Exercise and Sports Sciences from Indiana State University in 2004, then completed a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at University of Indianapolis in 2008. 


I am Orthopedic Board Certified, and has extensive Training in Manual Therapy through North American Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy (NAIOMT), and advanced training in Pelvic Physical Therapy. 

As stated, I am a mother to four children, with a set of twins in the mix, so I understands the need to be able to move freely to be an active parent. The twins (a boy and a girl) were born in June 2016. 

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