Are You Or Someone You Love Suffering From Diastasis Recti or Abdominal Separation?

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A Personal Message From Specialist Physical Therapist, Jennifer McGowan

Hi, my name is Jennifer McGowan and welcome to ReGenerate Physiotherapy.  


In the next few minutes you are going to discover how as a recent mom, or a mom of many years, can get back to working out and living a healthy lifestyle while reducing risk of injury.


We've put together a Free Checklist showing you tips to recover from diastasis recti, or ab separation and exercises NOT to perform and exercises to get started on


These tips may work differently from you than another person, but I’m hoping to help you so you don’t have to get yourself in a situation where you may hurt your back or make the diastasis recti, or bulging to get worse.


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I truly believe there is not enough information on recovering after birth and I want to change that for moms. I value your health and well-being as a mom in a culture where there is a lot of pressure for you to recover quickly. I want to give you answers you are searching for to make a decision on what to do next or to improve your recover your diastasis recti or bulging. All you have to do is enter your information and I’ll send it to you immediately.


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Jennifer McGowan

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Look Who Else Came To ReGenerate Physiotherapy And Left Feeling Happy, Healthy, And More Active...

Taylor M., Fayetteville, GA 

When I was 6 weeks postpartum with my first baby, I reached out to Jennifer regarding residual c-section pain and also abdominal separation (diastasis recti). After sending an evaluation inquiry to Jennifer, she got back to me in a matter of hours and I was able to see her for my first appointment within a few days. Over the course of 2 months, Jennifer helped eliminate the pain I have been feeling from my c-section and has helped me heal my diastasis recti. Treatment included scar and muscle mobilization (I was also taught how to do some of it to continue this treatment at home), education on how to properly engage my pelvic floor, and progression of safe pelvic floor and total body exercises. Jennifer is every knowledgeable on pelvic floor and women’s health. I would always learn something new at each visit and she would also send me more resources that would support my treatment and at-home exercises. I could go on and on! With that being said, I highly recommend seeing Dr. Jennifer McGowan for your physical therapy needs!

Erika H., Peachtree City, GA

My experience with Jennifer has been wonderful. I have three children with my last child being 5 years old. Trying to get back to my "pre-baby" body has been so difficult. Loosing the weight has been reached but getting that "baby belly" to go away seemed like an unattainable goal. I can't tell you how many times I have been asked "When are you due?" or "Are you expecting?" No matter what I did, nothing made my belly subside and, in fact, many exercises made it worse. I had heard of 'Abdominal Diastasis' or 'Diastasis Recti' but my own OB/GYN Practitioner was unfamiliar with the condition or what to do about it. In walked Jennifer and in walked hope. Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable and personable. With each interaction with her, I learned so much about how pregnancy has changed my body and how the different exercises she suggests helps repair the damage done, not just to my abdominal's, but throughout my entire pelvic floor. As a healthcare professional myself (although currently a full time stay at home mamma), I really appreciated all of the detail given during this portion of our sessions as it has helped me connect the "why" behind each movement. The exercises seem simple enough but very effective. After my short time with her, I am down a full inch around belly and gaining more strength throughout my pelvic floor which, by the way, help with any incontinence issues (albeit minor or major problems), back problems, and so much more. Her attention to detail when working with me was amazing. I truly wish more mamma's (and Practitioner's!) out there knew that there is help right around the corner at ReGenerate Physiotherapy.