Are You Or Someone You Love Struggling With Frequent Trips to The Bathroom or Leaking Urine? 

A Personal Message From Specialist Physical Therapist, Jennifer McGowan

Hi, my name is Jennifer McGowan and welcome to ReGenerate Physiotherapy.  


In the next few minutes you are going to discover how active women and moms can continue to be active with running or playing with their children without leaking and decreasing trips to urinate.


We've put together a Free E-Book showing you how to improve your ability to not leak as often, or to decrease the amount of trips to the bathroom, so that you can continue to be active and enjoy movement and exercise without constantly worrying if you are going to leak. 


Inside you'll find free tips and tricks diet changes, postural changes on the toilet, and how to change toilet habits.


These tips may work differently from you than another person, but I’m hoping to help you so you don’t have to continue to wear a pad, told you need to have surgery to fix the problem, and continue to avoid activities because of your leaking or frequent trips to the bathroom.


Just enter your first name, your email address and click the “Yes! I Want The Free E-Book” button below and you'll instantly receive the Free E-Book by email.


You'll receive all the information that shows you how you can improve your leaking or frequent trips to the bathroom without having to take medications or have surgery.


So go ahead... enter your first name, your email address and click “Yes! I Want My Free EBook” button to instantly receive the Free E-Book by email.


There’s not catch…I’m doing this because I value your health and well-being and want to give you answers you are searching for to make a decision on what to do next and improve your symptoms. All you have to do is enter your information and I’ll send it to you immediately.


Wishing You The Best,


Jennifer McGowan

Leading Physical Therapist in South Atlanta

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