Are You Or Someone You Love Struggling with Pain And Not Able to Get Into The Clinic Due To Time Constraints ?

Are You Or Someone You Love Wanting To Return To Exercise Or Be As Healthy And Strong After Birth But Difficult Getting To An Appointment?  

We offer Telehealth or Online Sessions From The Comfort Of Your Home!! 

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A Personal Message From Specialist Physical Therapist, Jennifer McGowan

Hi, my name is Jennifer McGowan, welcome to ReGenerate Physiotherapy.  


In the next few minutes you are going to discover how as easy it will be get relief from pain, end leaking urine at with working out or running, recovering safe after giving birth.


We now offer online sessions where we can educate you on your movement and tips to improve your ability to stay active without pain or leaking urine from the comfort of your home. 


You'll get tips and tricks how to breathe optimally again, proper posture, proper and efficient body movements, and ways to activate your deep core muscles and pelvic floor musculature to reduce incontinence (leaking urine), and improve form with lifting baby or lifting weights. 


Just enter your first name, your email address and click the “Yes! I Want The Free Phone Consultation".


You'll get a call back within 24 hours on how we can move forward with your goals as a priority. 

If your specific situation is urgent please don't hesitant to book your Telehealth session now. 


The goal is to help you get the best use of your time and without the commute into the clinic that could be greater then an hour away. 


With Gratitude,


Jennifer McGowan

Leading Physical Therapist South Of Atlanta

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Look Who Else Came To ReGenerate Physiotherapy And Left Feeling Happy, Healthy, And More Active...

Kimberly R., Fayetteville, GA 

I took Jennifer’s 5-week class for postpartum women and it was wonderful! Having had 3 children, I didn’t truly understand what my body had gone through and how some of the issues that I currently experience are not in fact “normal”. I learned a lot about the pelvic floor and the muscles that are affected both during and after pregnancy. I have implemented several exercises and breathing techniques suggested by Jennifer with fantastic results. I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to learn about the postpartum body, and for those looking with help in issues that are common in women, such as pain in the hips and back, frequent urination or leaking. I would definitely use Jennifer in the future!

Hannah C., Peachtree City, GA

"I transferred my physical therapy care to Dr. McGowan from another provider, and am very thankful that I did! Not only is she extremely skilled at physical therapy and care for postpartum women, but her expertise in orthopedics has also changed my life! I  have suffered from chronic exercise induced headaches as long as I can remember, something I casually mentioned to her at one of my postpartum visits, and she offered exercises to prevent these in the future-and it's working! It has been fantastic that she is able to accomplish so much in less than 10 visits. Ladies: Pregnancy and childbirth are hard, and they put your body through a lot! You do NOT have to live forever with whatever negative repercussion you may have from going through these things. There is help, and we are SO lucky to have Dr. McGowan on the south side of Atlanta! I feel very fortunate to have found this provider and business and highly recommend her to anyone needing physical therapy."

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