How does physical therapy treat pelvic floor problems?

The pelvic floor muscles are often referred to as a "hammock" keeping all your organs in, and keeping your pelvis together. Without your pelvic floor your center would fall apart. These muscles are often overlooked and not assessed correctly, if at all. These muscles are important for holding in pee and poo, sexual health, running, weight lifting, walking, etc.  These are all things that can be embarrassing, but are real, and impact your life tremendously. We will perform a comprehensive movement and musculoskeletal evaluation to determine what will be the best treatment plan to address your specific need. 

Do I need physical therapy for my pelvic floor? 

This will obviously depend on your symptoms. However, if you are having leaking when you cough or sneeze, after running for one mile, while performing a PR with your WOD, then physical therapy will likely help you. If you have pain in your pelvis with sex, with running, with stair climbing, then YES! Check out Pelvic Health 101 from Tracy Sher, Pelvic Physical Therapist.